The ideal collaborator has a broad range of skills, expert in at least one. A broad range of skills – since we practice what we preach. Expert in at least one – since we need experts when progressing ideas towards fruition.

We all know the term ‘learning by doing’- We Amy… could equally say ‘seeing by doing’ – expanded the top of the T to see new connections and relations as we reflect on what we do. The CO-IDeate mindframe adopts ‘learning wholesale nfl jerseys by doing’ and expands IDEA it:


We LEARN by DOing

We SEE connections, relations & open new possibilities by LEARNing by DOing

We KNOW because we have SEEn by 1 LEARNing by DOing. KNowing is the key to ‘improving our situation’ – implementing innovation.

The above is developed by the simple TK100T premise that there is no single solution to any problem situation. The CO-IDeate mindset develops this simple, logical ‘mandate’ to define the overall agenda for metacognitive thinking when ‘thinking about how to go Domain about innovating’.

Co-ideation is the kernel, the basis for structuring problems and desired solutions by applying collective intelligence in a structured framework (co-ideating desirable against probable cheap jerseys and possible). Co-ideation is not therefore ‘yet another process tool’: It lies Intro at the very heart of team working in complex situations and is unique by integrating: Thinking, doing, collaborative learning – with process navigation in a framework that can be applied to any project or situation by adopting the mindset:

Do: By using a cheap nfl jerseys common systematic framework: Defining, capturing, sharing

Learn: By co-exploration & discovery: Exploring, discovering

See: Developing relations, pattern building using above: Developing solutions

Know: Developing knowledge, knowing people by applying Do-Learn-See: Evaluating to close cycles of iterative activity: Knowing is the key to innovation, but it cannot come into being without its siblings.