The core wholesale jerseys of Innovation lies in connecting – building on interaction, accessing the knowledge-development arising from ideation as part of close-tie collaboration. The lifecycle is iterative, until closed by agreement by the co-ideation team that a match exists between perception of problems and ideation of solutions.

The lifecycle of connecting people to people and people to platform operates in the process framework interaction > ideation > collaboration. Collaboration and ideation are aspects of Interaction, where Interaction also accounts for use and experience of platform and physical environment. Interaction is the context defining the conditions for ideation and collaboration.


To share means to enable  – through the application of a common framework to different techniques and models. Sharing is about using simplified process activity frameworks to be used in ideating and collaborating, developing Team cohesion – nurturing trust, while maximising creativity.

Share is about systematic co-creation – defining a basis for online-active collaborative-ideation: A response to people working in the real world in a natural way addressing normal, complex problems and issues requiring clarification for ideation, development and conceptualisation.

Share places creative human activities in the context of what sequences are used when sharing, working conceptually to provide solutions to understanding problems.


? Turning ideas into CONCEPTS

The term “concept” is traced back to 1554–60 (Latin conceptum – “something conceived”). Concepts are mental representations using things and experiences we already know to explain new constellations of ideas. At heart, a concept is something that already exists in our minds from experience we use to explain something new. A concept thus is two things:

A concept is a mental representation that simplifies implicit properties in something on a simpler level – that already exists in our minds before being made explicit. A ‘tree’ is a concept for cheap jerseys many different kinds of trees, the mind extracting those similarities it wants to in connection with how the ‘tree’ concept is being applied to something new. Similarly ‘wing’ is often used for example, by architects, to describe an appendage to a building… though wing is general, the context and relationship is developed using a simple generic reference.

The process of creating concepts – of conceptualisation wholesale jerseys China – lies at the centre of creative design thinking and  enables higher level thinking, or deep learning. The known is used for communicating a complex of ideas to others in Bugatti a simple way, reducing and navigating complexity.


Aligning the activities and the relations between activities when teams interact, ideate, conceptualise and collaborate – to defining ‘better outcomes’. The process basis is an appraisal of the probable, possible and desirable (simplification of SysAnalysis’s Future States of the World.) linked to the formulation of tasks performed by team members who negotiate and agree the nature of the tasks and the satisfaction thinking of the results collectively.

Aligning tasks and actions with the people wholesale nba jerseys and ETScott teams conducting and communicating them:

  • Teaching teams to co-evolve and develop ideas
  • Focus on increasing productivity & core activities by
  • Introducing systematic framework: The fundamentals of integrated CO-IDeation


Ideation is the application of creating ideas applied to using them, using concepts to order and group ideas, transforming them into meaningful, sometimes functional wholes. When working in groups or teams of people, ideating differential ideas into concepts is achieved by the process of collaboration acting upon an ideas base to transform thinking into solutions that have been tested amongst the team community.

Working together to co-ideate, teams transform ideas into opportunities.