Expert in processesspacesplaces and systems, I work with how people and teams can adapt and take control of learning and change, catalysing own ideation and innovation First processes.


Sourced from research into Design Methods,  I adapt activity-frameworks for problem defining and solving, working with scenarios to discover the best fit, focussing on concepts – all part of a natural, free-thinking strategy that integrates our doing with our thinking. Developed over fifteen years with experience from creative functional projects, I apply international research to an in-depth knowledge of organisational and business learning and work to embed information in our thinking, and not the other way around.


Learning to work informally, removing the barriers built by roles and responsibilities and seeing outselves as unique personalities brought together by collaboration through the power of creative thinking by design thinking is key to success. But don’t just take my word for it. The world’s biggest corporations have woken up to the same insight. See IBM’s latest development for example.

Taking it a step further than even corporations, we show the way how teams can co-ideate, working closely together understanding Intro how we can each contribute to the task even though we cheap nfl jerseys all think differently – and see it through.

We design, teach and implementing cognitive, virtual and real spaces for collaboration.

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CO-ID8 (COllaborative IDeation) is a tooset being developed that addresses the need to develop both ideation and have it embedded in the greater process of developing collabprative intelligence. CO-ID8 is a mindset, a Beer methodological framework and more des importantly, a direction for directing your own thinking processes for collaborative ideation:

  • How you think
  • How you interact, ideate and collaborate
  • How you use platforms & spaces to augment co-ideation
  • How this can be embedded in your dynamic online platforms

By studying how people create, share and communicate information – ?????? we are able to understand how cheap jerseys we think, how we act.

Integration is the key – integrating thinking, doing and learning – interactive, cognitive spaces – augmenting our natural way of thinking & how we adapt the spaces we are a part of…


Innovation Lab, Tryg Insurance. Ballerup Denmark. Ivar Moltke, Mark Dyson & Flemming Skude

my background

After many years working first as an architect in cross-disciplinary practice on big projects, then a researcher followed by a Ph.D., I spent ten+ years as a director in design and architectural practice before turning to learning, spaces, people and innovation – still in this transition phase. Why? Because somewhere cheap nba jerseys along the line I experienced how technology was actually a barrier to knowledge-sharing where files, protocols, databases took centre stage instead of developing close-tie teams, Ideation interaction, collaboration and knowledge-sharing: Offices resembled more production lines, faces glued to screens, individuals reduced to mouse clicks.

So I’m busy looking at how people learn and interact; what tools and spaces can be developed that support cheap nfl jerseys our learning interaction processes – cheap jerseys a one-man multidisciplinary  practice constantly seeking better ways. I research and develop tools, mindsets and methods building on design and innovation thinking, innovation and business tools, developing my own approaches while researching what is on offer in the world.