From CO-CO to CO-ID8

Collaborative Co-Creation has been described as:

‘More powerful learning experiences created by getting people together to collaborate on solving tough, complex, and difficult challenges. A good collaborative process can create conditions where everyone is stretched to learn from each other. Themes A good collaborative process engages people emotionally as well as intellectually – better learning happens when the emotions are engaged.’ Steelcase 360

I make the distinction of CO-Ideation as being something different than creation. Collaborative, cheap jerseys being a CO-, cheap mlb jerseys yes. But Ideation? Ideation is about creating ideas and evolving them – that is, developing them into something more. the distinction serves to shift focus from the act of creating, to evolving ideas, since this raises the simple question: How can this Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys be done collaboratively? How can we share and evolve ideas that are in essence, deeply personal?

The answer is believe, resident in the act of facilitation – keeping people on track Stop by providing a commonly understood process framework. This has to be simple enough to be easily understood and navigable and yet, sophisticated enough to durch be able to be tailored to any environment no matter how complex.

Co-Creation can be anywhere – out on the street, inside a house. The tools are simple. Tools for ideation? And collaboratively developing and evolving ideas? To do that, first we need to capture the idea. We call it a ‘flash inspiration’ that has yet to become an idea. Sure, ideas happen as we work. But if we want a head-start, a little leap ahead to know a little how our team players are thinking before we meet – then we have an idea about how to ideate, how to tune in and streamline the process.

The point is, by focussing on the very early phase in developing and evolving ideas, capturing them as flash inspirations, flash thoughts, then de classifying them, we make it a lot easier to tune into the evolution process and develop/ group ideas into concepts. A concept being an abstraction or generalization from experience or the result of a transformation of existing concepts.