mark dyson

An architect by training, innovator by nature. If I was just one archetype then I’d be a cross-pollinator: Versatile and multi-facetted, I’m a conceptual gymnast with a knack for making intangibles real.


LTD · Learn Think Do

I spend most of my time developing solutions for Industry 4.0 organizations called ‘Organization 4.0.’ I work with a ‘simplicity with agility‘ agenda. Current projects include:

[VALUE+] Value plus tools & metrics building on the use of application of data, drivers, value with sector, collaboration and process intelligence interfaces

[CO-ID8] collaborative ideation team-process innovation integration tools developing learning and strategic design re-thinking

[CUDO] Organization 4.0 DevOps, a new paradigm for organizational transformation based on new agile frameworks

[STAX] Strategic value innovation architecture design for M+L enterprises’

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For innovation projects, I establish ideas that unify, ideating narratives that allow stakeholders to see values beyond silo-practices. In the process of, I formalize things that seem fuzzy and make them clear. I also facilitate how people can learn to do the same, take control of own learning and creation environments and processes.

For organizations, I work with the interfaces between data management, sector and process intelligence, strategic value innovation as part of a new ‘Agile + DevOps’ paradigm description for organizations wanting to transform to 4.0 capability.

For teams, I formalise learning, creative, collaborative and team-based innovation processes working with:

  • Design Re-Thinking
  • Strategic Design and Innovation
  • Design Re-Thinking for Project Management
  • Strategic Systematic Learning

To that end I cover a lot of ground, from the artistic to the strategic, from practice and management to advanced theoretical research. I’m never at rest, constantly seeking and exploring connections and strategic agendas by charting learning, thinking and doing – creatively.

How I think

What I do is bring insight and understanding juggling the juxtaposition of developments, ideas and concepts and bringing them into sharp focus. I often using an ‘abductive’ design-driven synthesis-analysis approach honed after 20 + years ‘in the field’ and develop learning, thinking and doing tools to make what I do learnable for other people – I call this ‘design re-thinking’, building on design thinking as the vehicle to get to new destinations.

From IQ to CO-Q: Collaboration Intelligence

The future of work is already based on collaborative intelligence. I look at how machines and humans can migrate to 4.0 capability. Some of this involves:

698975-icon-129-cloud-download-128The cloud we know. Think about ‘The Idea Cloud’ – a place to store your ideas, retrieve them for sharing,defend them when ideating in teams. When innovating, early-phase value-creating processes often fail to find leverage in the implementation phase: Innovation happens but often for the sake of the innovation process itself – but without any verifiable or meaningful effect on outcome. Why?

698977-icon-130-cloud-upload-128Because we often break apart the people, their ideas, knowledge – and the tight-knit team collaboration. People, capturing, sharing and aligning ideas means we can grow with the assignment – embracing a culture of ‘learning by seeing, creating and innovating.’ Too much innovation completely fails to succeed.

Design Re-thinking

Instead of a phase-based design thinking method that effectively restricts activity to the prescribed method, I prefer to let people choose for themselves. Knowing how creative projects truly evolve, I prefer to provide choice for teams to go in the direction inspiration and motivation takes you, building on core understandings to master design thinking and put it to beneficial use building value. The result is an integrated approach to design re-thinking that enables teams to develop highly customer-centric solutions, while tailoring it to make it ownable.


Using the mindsets, methods and framework of integrated design (doctorate from the Danish Center for Integrated Design 2003) I develop more effective methods for learning creative innovative processes by making design thinking more effective and easier to learn.

The answer is CO-Q: A project-based integrated design thinking approach to design re-thinking based on developing collaborative intelligence. By simplifying the design thinking process, reducing it to its essential components it can be made faster, more accessible, more effective and not least build capability.