The Know-How

Reconfiguring People, Processes & Places

This is my personal site about who I am and how I think, with the focus on learning design thinking and relating design re-thinking to learning space design and innovation project management. In short, I specialise in tools development, ideation, collaboration and even some space-planning using a unique process-framework and a special pedigree – over twenty years of experience in mutlidisciplinary design and business practice.

There’s something I’ve really come to appreciate over the years, and that is without understanding the nature of human interaction and collaboration even the best of intentions can fail to achieve, well some might say ‘value’, others ‘innovation’. Whatever the label, getting anything done effectively is first and foremost a people business. So this is about interaction. To understand how we interact is also essential for planning and defining spaces and places for understanding, learning, ideating, collaborating, cooperating – achieving real value that makes a difference.

New directions 


In the past I designed and built a lot. Today, I  concentrate mostly on the people end of things – what we do, how we do it, how we think. And most importantly, how we interact. It was the interaction ‘dimension’ I concluded in my doctorate research that was missing from the design of things, buildings and places.

I apply  research to design, design to research, systems and agile innovation thinking to developing mindsets, tools and ‘idea spaces’ for people to interact, develop and share knowledge: To understand, share, learn, inspire, be inspired – using new insights, brands, business and learning opportunities to succesfully implement human interaction as learning and knowledge-sharing.

Working in the Real World

This builds on some core fundamentals I’ve developed over the last decade: Since any outcome is dependent on the process creating it, a process and a product cannot be seen in isolation – the one does not exist without the other. Methodologies involving innovation often build on well-defined challenges that have already been through the process of applying analytical tools, removing the actors with problem knowledge with the actors and agents developing the defined problem into a solution. This is not the way we work in the real world.

My approach is to not exclude, only include, seeing the wood and the trees. I cover a wide base and are able to integrate all aspects of business & organisation into our learning and development packages addressing people, process, place & organisation. I:

  • ideate the future
  • manage change
  • develop interactions
  • develop culture
  • develop environment

Idea and learning spaces

SONY DSCI’m used to designing and managing business and building projects and develop analytical and strategical tools & methods:

– CO-IDeation strategies taking control of change processes getting the best out of teams and ideas

– Process strategies that can be adapted to suit different projects and environments

– A formalised set of thinking tools enabling teams to capture, understand and develop problem-solutions by having a common mindset reference

– A formalised process framework that can be used to adapt to re-think the way teams work and develop closer-tied activities

  • Thinking and (e)learning tools for collaborative working
  • Ideation and collaboration processes
  • Collaborative platform design
  • Agile processes (even complex adaptive systems)
  • Workplace programming
  • Systems thinking – design methods

 A New Way Of Thinking and Doing



I work with:

  • Co-ideation
  • Collaborative working
  • Specialising in developing idea and learning spaces
  • Systems-thinking
  • Design methods for innovation
  • Creative thinking for business strategical development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Controlled Project Environments
  • Focussing on integrating design methods with business and learning processes
  • Developing processes, mindsets and physical spaces
  • Facilitating an approach that allows you to take control of your own process

Space-activity planning: IdeaSpaces

Among my areas of expertise in IdeaSpaces and Space-activity planning and conceptualisation can be mentioned the following areas:

  • Space-planning, programming and activity design
  • Idea and Learning Spaces
  • Codification and classification of activity spaces
  • Design concepts – conceptual communication
  • Project planning and management
  • Architectural services