Mark Dyson Ph.D.

1991 Graduation from the Bartlett School for Design and Architecture, UCL, ranked no. 2 in the world after MIT.

At the Bartlett I worked on systems integration in design and conceptual-technical integration in Architectural design and development projects as part of my diploma in Architecture and Design.

1990-2000 Work in predominantly multidisciplinary technical and infrastructural projects as architect and project architect in London and Copenhagen, Denmark.

2000-2003 Danish Center for Integrated Design. Ph.D. in integrated design, digitalized process-product integrated design ‘ICT & Multidimensional design’. Multidimensional design was a meta-level description for post-industrialized distributed intelligence. Part of the work involved integrating design theory and digital transformation with a paradigm description for distributed intelligence and knowledge development.

Since 2003 I spent many years working in design and innovation projects as practitioner/owner, with experience stretching from advanced design thinking, design-technical projects, architectural projects and business-project management (PRINCE 2 practitioner). My work varied from information campaigns to innovation centers.

Since 2014 I’ve been working with strategic design, team- and organizational learning and innovation (more on my personal wordpress site), value development and innovation, organizational transformation, data-centric integration.