New Ways Of Thinking

The architecture of process

Do you define problems for handing over for to others to continue to work on? If so, keep reading: Problems can not be defined – they need to be evolved as our ideas about solutions are developed.

To understand a problem, we need to view from the perspective of a possible solution

Re-thinking Innovation

By defining not only possible outcomes, but also seeing the context of probable and desirable…

By sharing our journey of discovery, problems and solutions are developed until equivalence is defined: Ideas, being inspired, capturing them, visualising them and sharing them with others with whom we have a close relation.

Innovation is about defining ‘a new way of thinking’ – creating and sharing ideas on the road to exploring possibility. Only by removing ourselves from our idea and placing it on the table for others to look at and comment on, develop and work with can we innovate. This is what we do to define more desired outcomes. This where our tools come into play.


While we have detailed tools that help us in the decision-making process, there is little available that explains what we already do applied to a process framework that builds on us – our thinking and development of ideas that lies at the very heart of all of these situations. And – how they relate to the learning spaces we need to adapt to our own unique ways of working and thinking, collectively.

519840-52_Cloud_Sync-256 COllaborative-IDeation Lifecycles 

The core of Innovation lies in building on interaction, accessing the knowledge-development arising from ideation as part of close-tie collaboration. The lifecycle is iterative, until closed by agreement by the co-ideation team that a match exists between perception of problems and ideation of solutions.

The lifecycle operates from interaction > ideation > collaboration. (Collaboration and ideation are aspects of Interaction, where Interaction also accounts for use and experience of platform and physical environment. Interaction is the context defining the conditions for ideation and collaboration.)