The future is being created all around us, right now, in real time. The future is our reality. The future is in the present as the present defines the future. So do we honestly think we can influence the future? Just try.


Some may succeed, some, while the rest of us doubt, reject, hold back. Confusion and chaos is what it is all about – so I say this: Get used to chaos and confusion, disruption – and embrace it. Then never look back.

There are plenty of articles today telling is why organizations today are being disrupted and need to be smart factories, develop modular structured smart systems, monitor physical processes. All of these are part of sector dynamics involving players in competition or placed opposite one another on each side of expectation and delivery.

Disruption is not about being disrupted, but about disrupting, defining 4.0-driven digital as well as marketing and other strategies that changes fundamental aspects in any given sector. To disrupt means to reinvent and create new value. To create new value requires the use of insight in decision-making processes, putting 4.0 data-driven process automation to good use and integrating into existing products and services. This is a design-driven paradigm, not a strategical one, requiring a 360-panoptic approach that provides a view of both the wood and the trees, but kept simple and easy to comprehend.

Organization 4.0

is a new initiative integrating different layers in the organization, building on data, developing intelligence, strategic partner management, value and strategic innovation capability.

I’m looking at this from the perspective of how we develop value – at all levels – and how levels of value interfaces with strategic, tactical and operations development: a new DevOps paradigm. Much of the work is IP-intensive, involving the development of methods and tools as part of projects.