Many talk about Innovation. Few really understand it. Fewer do it.

You may have the connections and may have the skills to develop dynamic interactions necessary to innovate and implement a change in culture. What many don’t have is the understanding, the skills or the tools to implement them. In other words, no amount of know-how or technological investment will make difference without effective collaboration and intelligence sharing.

To be able to change as the world changes, developing some great new skills along the way. All innovation is based on people, ideas brought into alignment by processes. A lot of the processes we use today belong to the 20th, not the 21st. century and are non-aligned with what we need, now, today, tomorrow.

I work from a people-perspective that develops thinking and capability. To put it simply – developing creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and creative learning ability is the key to innovation.

But that’s only half the picture. The other half is using the power of DESIGN to transform how we go about our business. Whether it is understanding the customer, bringing insight to the organization, the power of Design to transform and act quickly and effectively requires methods that work, processes that show how and tools that are simple, smart and effective.


DESIGN as agent for transformation

I apply design to people, organisations, processes and tools, designing as much the relations between them as the main elements themselves. I look to create the best fit for purpose with reference to leading concepts from design-based research.

Part of that involves using the same approach to innovation I have done as a design graduate – great ideas have to be honed, delivered – and defended. This is the opposite to brainstorming, focussing on reflective individual learning and aligning that learning to the position of making a stand for an idea and being prepared to defend that idea – as long as it stands up to the test of peers. Only by getting people to back ideas to mutual advantage can great ideas grow into collective actions driving innovation.

Contact me to hear more about how design re-thinking can be used for increasing insight, team performance as well as developing learning space and innovation project solutions.