How do we develop value throughout an organization, leaders, teams, people and network?

How can we embed decision-making in value-driving intelligence development?

Traditionally, we have represent organizations in the simplest terms, as a three-level pyramid in terms of strategy, tactics and operations providing value by working top-down with goal management, middle-out people and method management and bottom-up data, information and process management. Strategy is direction-setting, defining core values that unite all aspects in unified purpose. Tactical are the methods and tactics used to fulfill what is required to get to where it is wanted or needed to go. Operations can be the ‘create, make and deliver’ value chain, adjusting, optimizing and improving along the way. Or the ‘define, develop, deploy’ of product design.

Until now, these simple mechanisms for understanding the intricacies of the interplay of organizational aspects have provided a means of dealing with making things work by developing a common language of understanding.

I use a strategic design approach to crack the code of organizations. I look at how organizations can be represented, providing some fresh new innovative optics, understanding the key value operations they are composed of and innovative measures that can be used to improve organizational performance.

[VALUE+] integrates much of the work being conducted in defining organization 4.0’s and involves research and development perspectives driving new cutting-edge thinking.